KISS Releasing System
Lester Levenson's Scientific Method for Manifesting Money, Success, Wellness, and Happiness

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New Jersey Physicist Crawls
From Death Bed And Stumbles Upon The Real Secret To A Life
Of Abundant Wealth, Health
And Happiness!

At last! You can discover the secret verified by Harvard researchers
and used by famous celebrities, world champion athletes and key personnel from Fortune 500 companies to enjoy financial, physical and emotional success the easy way...

By Stephen Seretan
Los Angeles, California

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FREE Phone Coaching by Stephen Seretan Included.
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I'm so sure of it, I think you'll want to call me after you read this message. In case you do, my name is Stephen Seretan.

And my phone number is (818) 613-1903.

Here's what this is all about:

In 1952 a 42-year-old physicist from New Jersey was staring at death's door. He had just suffered and survived a massive heart attack. His second coronary.

Doctors were amazed he didn't die on the spot. They sent him home with instructions to rest in bed. He was not to take on any strenuous activity. Because even the slightest physical exertion could kill him.

The worst part is the doctors had no cure. All hope seemed lost. Dejected, he went home to what was anticipated to be a life of pain, misery and probably early death.

However, in three months' time, this man discovered not only the secret to radiant health... but...

The Secret To Improving Every Area
Of Your Life Almost Immediately

The doctors who had sent him home to die were astonished.

Because the once frail man was now completely cured of all his physical ailments. He also achieved a spiritual state of complete peace... and... happiness without sorrow. He could manifest whatever he wanted at the mere thought of it. In a few minutes to a few days.

All the stress, struggle and frustration he had felt before was gone. The physical, mental and emotional pain he contended with all his life had dissolved. He achieved a state of no limitations. Whatever he wanted dropped in without difficulty.

To prove his discovery was not a fluke he decided to test it out further. He wondered if the secret he stumbled upon could make him financially free.

So he set out to make a fortune in New York real estate. But there was one big problem. Actually two big problems. You see, this man was a physicist by trade. He knew next to nothing about real estate.

And to make matters worse, he was broke and had to start with no money. Back in those days (early 1950's) no money down deals were unheard of at the time.

Yet, using his secret, this man was able to...

Amass One-Million Dollars
In Six Short Months

In today's money, that's about eight-million dollars.

But that's not all.

Not by a long shot.

You see, this man continued using his secret to enjoy health, wealth and success for the next 42-years. He passed away a rich and happy man at the age of 84.

Along the way, he revealed and taught his secret to thousands of people. Very few had an opportunity to work side-by-side with him. By luck, I happened to be one of his students.

Who Is Lester Levenson?

By Stephen Seretan

Lester Levenson was a physicist from New Jersey who developed the most powerful way to let go of all self-limitations.

He used the process himself initially in 1952 over a 3-month period to relieve major health problems that almost killed him.

After releasing all of this program, incredibly, by driving himself like an Olympic athlete going for the Gold, he told me he drifted into a state that cannot be described because so few have arrived there.

It was a peaceful place of happiness with no sorrow, with no limitations whatsoever, and where he could have anything for the mere thought of it. “Life was so comfortable after that. No worries at all.” It was also, he told me, a very familiar state, like being home.

He saw it as what everyone is seeking in the world, in money, people, and things, but can never, ever be found there. It is the driving force of every person and animal in the world, and everyone is moving toward it.

They will get there eventually, but it will be a long and painful journey. He knew he had discovered a faster and easier way “home”.

That way is today called, “KISS Releasing."

What he, himself, did over those 3 fateful months in 1952 formed the matrix of the powerful feeling and wants releasing tool that has been experienced by tens of thousands of people, world-wide.

“Anyone with the desire I had to be free of suffering can now do the same thing I did”, Lester promised.

Many have improved their lives dramatically as a myriad of testimonials prove, in the areas of finances, health, happiness and relationships.

In 1994, Lester passed on to a “better place”, as he described in a letter to his close friends.

He asked a few of his disciples to carry on his work and get this amazing tool out to as many people as possible.

He knew it was what the world needed and wanted and that many would be open to it.

He was right.

Before he left, a relative few knew how to release with this technique.

In 2010, tens of thousands around the world are releasing and leading more productive and financially rewarding lives.

For more details, keep reading the web page below and discover how to use KISS Releasing to improve all areas of your life too...


Hi. As I said above, my name is Stephen Seretan.

The man I've been talking about is none other than Lester Levenson. From 1983 to 1994 (when he passed away) I worked side-by-side with him. And I was fortunate enough to learn his secret to lasting success and happiness.

The secret Lester discovered out of sheer desperation is amazing. Lester figured out the only thing preventing us from living life to the fullest are the...

Self-Imposed Limitations Buried Deep Within The Subconscious Mind

By letting go or releasing these negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programs you can enjoy a life most people only dream of.

Lester coined his secret KISS Releasing.

What is KISS Releasing? I'm glad you asked. It's a simple, fun and easy way to let go of all those negative things blocking your success.

The technique is universal in its application. You can use it to...

Increase your income and make more money!
Relieve physical pain on the spot!
Reduce emotional and physical stress!
Set and achieve any goal you desire!
Improve your personal and business relationships!
Free yourself of fear of success and failure! Or any fear or phobia!
Build unshakable self-confidence!
Turn negative situations into positive outcomes!
Make your dreams a reality!
And much, much more!

It is a proven way to achieve total freedom from all the self-imposed limitations shackling you to a life of pain, struggle and misery.

KISS Releasing is not some "flavor-of-the-month" self-help technique. Most of those don't work.

Or they work inconsistently at best.

On the other hand, KISS Releasing has been used (in some form or fashion) by over 70,000 people worldwide for over 59-years.

Not only does it work but...

Scientists At Harvard And The State University Of New York Medical Schools Verified The
Positive Effects Of The KISS Releasing Process

Dr. Richard J. Davidson of the State University of New York conducted a study with Dr. David C. McClelland of Harvard University on the stress-reduction effects of KISS Releasing.

The conclusion of the study was that the KISS Releasing process: "stands out far and beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results."

In addition, KISS Releasing is endorsed by celebrities, authors, self-improvement experts, athletes and top companies.

If you've never heard of this process rest assured it's a proven technique for letting go of the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs holding you back.

Here are just a few of the recognizable names who endorse KISS Releasing...

Mariel Hemingway, Motion Picture Star
Joan Collins, star of TV show "Dynasty"
Debbie Ford, Author
Jack Canfield, Co-Author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series
Vinnie Curto, World Champion Boxer
Norman Vincent Peale, Author

Brian Tracy, Author and Speaker

Key personnel from major companies like Exxon, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, J.C. Penny, Marriott Hotels and others.

Major corporations have field tested the effectiveness of KISS Releasing.

For example...

Mutual of New York Corporation (MONY) Study
Reports Dramatic Boost In Sales Performance
Due To Use Of KISS Releasing

The technique was tested by the MONY Corporation with field underwriters.

One group of underwriters (the test group) learned KISS Releasing and were matched against a control group for production, age, sex and number of years with the company.

The KISS Releasing trained underwriters increased sales commissions and outperformed the control group by a remarkable 33%.

In addition, it's important to note the KISS Releasing trained group increased their level of performance further over the control group in the second half of the test.

The positive results of using the process increased over time.

Why KISS Releasing Works Where
Other Self-Help Techniques Fail

The main premise behind almost all other self-help techniques is flawed. That's why traditional goal-setting... NLP... visualization... affirmations, hypnosis, etc. either flat out don't work or produce marginal and inconsistent results.

10 Little-Known Facts About KISS Releasing!

1. Developed by physicist and scientist Lester Levenson to release the negative self-imposed limitations in the subconscious mind.

2. Verified as effective by scientists and researchers at Harvard University, the State University of New York and Columbia University.

3. Works at the subconscious level to remove bundles of negative thoughts, feeling and beliefs known as master programs.

4. Effective for producing mental, emotional and physical improvement in all areas of life.

5. Easy to use in the moment as a situation is unfolding and in focused releasing sessions.

6. Frees the mind to uncover solutions to problems quickly on the spot.

7. Perfect adjunct to any other modality or therapy.

8. Allows you to tap your unlimited potential to create life on your terms.

9. Creates long-lasting and when applied properly permanent results that can not be undone.

10. Helps you be, do and have anything you determine including: success, prosperity, happiness and radiant health.


The flawed premise behind these modalities is that you need to re-program and condition the mind for success.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, you need to... De-Program Your Mind!

That's right!

Think of your mind as a computer. And think of all the negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programs in the subconscious mind as viruses.

Now, the subconscious is responsible for 95% of what happens in our lives. Most of our physical, psychological, mental and emotional functions are run by the subconscious. Without any interference from the conscious mind.

If all you do is add positive programs in the subconscious that will (maybe) help a little bit.

The problem is all those negatives are still there and will surface at some point.

Just like with a computer, if it has a virus, you don't add new programs. Instead you remove the virus and the computer begins to work like it was mean to work.

The same premise applies to your mind.

Remove the subconscious junk and...

Your Life Will Change Forever

The process of letting go or releasing clears out all the negatives.

As the subconscious negatives dissolve, you're left with only the positive thoughts and feelings that can help you create a positive life.

You will no longer sabotage yourself. Because nothing bad will be left inside. You will finally be free to fashion the world of your dreams. You will finally be free to be, do and have exactly what you desire. And you will be able to manifest quickly.

That's one of the fantastic benefits of the KISS Releasing process.

Fast measurable results with little to no effort on your part.

Keep in mind, KISS Releasing has been verified by scientists. It is used by famous celebrities, world-class athletes, successful entrepreneurs, major corporations and every day regular people just like you.

If you would like to discover how to use KISS Releasing to improve any part of your life... then... I've got some great news for you.

Introducing Lester Levenson's
"KISS Releasing System"
Basic Audio Course

The first thing you should know is...

This course contains exactly what Lester taught.

I want to stress this point for an important reason: Lester taught thousands of people how to apply KISS Releasing in their lives. He also entrusted a few handpicked students to carry on his work after his death.

Some of the more prominent people promoting the process (also known as the Sedona Method) have made obvious changes and modifications to what Lester originally developed.

Personally, I believe this is a disservice to Lester and new students.

My mission is to be a voice for Lester Levenson in the world. To that end, I only teach what he taught me in the exact same way.

About Stephen Seretan

Graduate of UCLA. B.A. M.A. Music, Film.

Studied film scoring with original "Mission Impossible" theme creator, Lalo Schifrin.

Scored the CBS and Showtime series, "The Paper Chase", with Oscar winner John Houseman.

He was brought in to write music for the revived series on Showtime personally by Houseman.

Stephen's music on the CBS series was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Set to score the feature, "Out On My Feet", with
Robert DeNiro.

Student and friend of American Master, Lester Levenson, creator of KISS Releasing from 1983 to 1994.

"Lester and Me, My Unforgettable Conversations with American Master, Lester Levenson" is the book he wrote about their talks. It has been read in 24 countries on 3 continents, as well as India, Australia, and New Zealand.

Stephen also teaches others how to apply KISS Releasing to achieve anything they want in life. See details on this website...


Because what Lester developed works. No additions, modifications or subtractions to his original technique are required. In fact, they only diminish the power of the process.

Second, it is...

Best to learn the technique in a live setting.

When Lester was with us, KISS Releasing was taught during live events he called "intensives".

He did not write any books about the technique. Because it must be experienced to be learned.

In short, it is almost impossible to learn how to use the technique by reading a book. You need someone experienced to guide you along the way.

However, since that is not always possible, learning it from a recorded live event is the next best option. Along with support.

That's how this material is presented today.

Third, it is critical to understand that...

Learning and using this technique is simple, easy and fun.

Lester always used to say the acronym... KISS. Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

There is no "mystery" or anything complicated about the technique.

You simply ask a few questions as you notice a negative thought or feeling come up.

The releasing process happens all by itself as a result. You can use it in the moment. While you're taking action. Or you can sit down and do focused releasing on any topic.

To give you an idea of how it works, here's an overview of the...

Feel Good Now Releasing Process

I am going to prove KISS Releasing works right now.

First, I want you to think about any topic that's been bothering you lately. It could be something related to your health, financial situation, relationships, job or whatever.

After you've thought about the topic for a few moments follow these steps to release that feeling...

1. Feel the feeling.
2. Ask yourself, "Could I let go of that feeling?"
3. Then ask, "Would I let go of it?"
4. Then ask, "When?"
5. The answer is... "Now!"
6. Repeat this process until you feel lighter, better.

The releasing process above is meant to dissolve strong emotions about a topic or issue. It works on a more or less "surface" level to help you feel better.

Follow the steps above and you will let go of the negative emotion.

However, this simple process is just scratching the surface.

The real benefit of KISS Releasing is in letting go of bundles of negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When you release at that deeper level amazing things happen fast.

Because you are letting go of the major four programs in the subconscious mind. And when you learn to release the major programs you are freeing yourself from all the self-imposed limitations making you miserable now.

With that in mind, you should know...

What You Discover Could Help
You Make Dramatic Improvements
Almost Overnight

Lester Levenson stumbled upon a big secret. Scientists, therapists and doctors are finally catching up. Lester figured out the practical application of the saying...

"Let go and let God."

For the past 20-years or so, the medical community has conceded there is a link between our thoughts, feelings and results.

People who engage in stress-oriented thinking and harbor negative emotions tend to have all kinds of emotional and physical problems. The so-called "mind/body connection" is now accepted.

Over half-a-century ago, Lester had already proven this was the case.

And he developed the KISS Releasing process to literally clear out of the subconscious (let go) all the limiting thoughts, feeling and beliefs. When you learn this simple process, you can experience "miracles" in your life.

But don't take my word for it...

Read What KISS Releasing
Students Report...

"The Most Powerful Way To Make Big Changes
In All Aspects Of Your Life"
"The [process] is by far the most powerful way to make big changes in all aspects of your life through the simple act of 'letting go.' In the beginning it feels so easy that one feels the need to make it more complicated than it actually is. That is the perfect time to surrender and trust that some great things just get to be easy."
-- Mariel Hemingway
Motion Picture Star

"KISS Releasing Works!"
After years of studying success and self-development, despite my intellectual understanding of each, I still wasn't seeing the success I'd wanted in my life.
Dejected, I spent some time feeling like I had failed and that I'd never amount to anything. Then one fateful night, I came across Lester Levenson and KISS Releasing. I immediately recognized it as the missing piece to all the things I was seeking: money, satisfying relationships, and even happiness!
Since then, not a day has gone by that I have not spent some time using the method, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.
Most importantly though, I've found a calm inner peace that can only be described as a feeling of coming home.
KISS Releasing works!
-- Anthony B.

"Good Things Happening Almost Effortlessly."

"So far the results have been fantastic.

I got an unexpected $2,170 check from the doctor. Plus, I saved $696 on a vacation package after being quoted a higher price. I didn't negotiate or anything. It just sort of fell into my lap.

That means, by investing in the program... I got back almost 10 times my investment in about a week. But the best part is I'm feeling in the flow all the time and all kinds of good things are now happening almost effortlessly. Thank you."

-- John A.
Lowell, IN

"I Am Ten Times Better"
"I released on the issue and took it to all the three wants, and I am ten times better:)"
-- Anthony M.
Toronto, ON

"Been Very Helpful"
"So far I've gained a lot more clarity on [releasing]. The way you've explained various concepts have helped a lot in clearing things up. I'll probably listen multiple times and take notes to review. The clearing that's done at the beginning has also been very helpful. I do a lot better with keeping focus when listening to you guiding the clearing..."
-- Marsha H.

"We Gained The Most From Your Course"

"We just wanted to thank you for the teleseminar. We really enjoyed it. We gained a lot of insights and it made our releasing a lot simpler and easier.

We have been releasing for a couple of years now. We also took live classes with some of the others. We benefited from all of those courses, but we gained the most from your course and the way you teach releasing: simple and to the point..."

-- Jos and Saskia
Amsterdam, Holland

"Got Recruited Into A New Job"

"I have been studying ways to affect my health, my income, and my general well-being for 20 years and have NEVER had such a simple, scientific (you can tell Lester was a physicist!) technique for making WHATEVER changes I wish...I have taken other Sedona Courses but this one was so easy and powerful.. After the Course, I got recruited into a new job that pays 1.5 times my old salary, and a woman I like asked ME out!...THANKS TO YOU AND LESTER !"

-- Robert W.

KISS Releasing can help you too.

The technique allows you to release the obstacles in your way to a better and more fulfilling life. You can improve anything when you apply KISS Releasing.

Whatever problems plague your life right now can be a thing of the past. Whatever goals you aspire to can become a reality. You really can have...

... more money and even financial freedom!

... a rewarding job or career perfectly suited to you!

... a healthy energetic body at your ideal weight!

... less stress and frustration and more fun!

... a loving relationship with your significant other and family!

... any goal (no matter how out of reach it seems) you decide to go after!

... and lasting happiness even in a turbulent world!

You only have to do two things: (1) Learn how KISS Releasing works... and... (2) apply the KISS Releasing to make the positive life changes you desire.

Now you can because the "KISS Releasing System" basic course will help you do just that. Here are the components of this powerful life-changing program... and... the benefits you'll gain...

Benefit #1
The "Seminar-At-Home" Basic
Digital Audio Course

These five audio sessions were recorded during a live teleseminar event. You get over six-hours of hands-on practical instruction. You'll hear me teach you how to use KISS Releasing exactly as Lester Levenson taught him.

Audio Session One reveals...

  • The psychological truth behind KISS Releasing and why this technique works consistently, predictably and effortlessly when all others fail! (Science backs it up and so does practical real-world experience!)
  • Why our lives are filled with needless limitations and how to get rid of them! (Just becoming aware of this fact will have a positive affect on you. Because now you'll finally realize why things have been less than ideal for you so far. And you'll know how to correct the situation!)
  • The one thing you must stop doing if you want true happiness! (You will never hear this from anyone else... but... it's the truth nonetheless!)
  • How to break up the mental and emotional resistance stopping you from taking action! (Here's how to get out of your own way and make things happen!)
  • Five things you should write down daily to keep motivated as you learn to release! (A simple but profound exercise that will help you see the progress you're making as you release the negatives out of your life!)
  • How to use KISS Releasing to begin changing your life immediately! (You can begin applying the technique right away on any issue, situation, problem or goal. And then your life will never... and I mean never... be the same again. It's so exciting!)
  • And much, much more!

Audio Session Two reveals...

  • Why you have feelings and why they get in the way of living your true potential!
  • The four major programs running rampant in your subconscious mind... and... how to begin letting them go now! (Once you know this, your world will change for the better so quickly you'll be shocked and amazed!)
  • How to free yourself of every single self-imposed limitation as fast as humanly possible! (Imagine a life where everything you desire flows to you without any strain or effort on your part. That's what is possible when you release using this process and now you'll know how!)
  • The Six Steps of KISS Releasing and what they mean! (Here's a summary of the process in a nice tidy list so you don't miss a beat as you release!)
  • How to eliminate the concept of lack from your life!
  • The one thing you must do -- it's mandatory -- to boost the effectiveness of the releasing process in your life exponentially! (Doing this one single thing can mean the difference between success or mediocre results!)
  • And much more!

Audio Session Three reveals...

  • How to set goals and easily achieve them without all the hard work you think you need to do! (The Goals Process is a fantastic and powerful way to experience releasing in action. You'll learn how to manifest what you desire without struggle!)
  • What the first two words of any goal statement you make must be! (Get this wrong and you'll have a tough time achieving even the smallest goal you set.)
  • One word you must avoid at all costs from putting in your goal statement! (Yes, it's that important not to make this mistake. So pay close attention to this part of the course!)
  • How to know with almost scientific precision how close you are to achieving any goal! (So simple... yet... so overlooked by just about everyone!)
  • How long you should work on a goal during any single session for maximum benefit before moving on to something else! (Hint: It has nothing to do with time frames.)
  • What "action steps" are and how they help to get your goal faster!
  • And much more!

Audio Session Four reveals...

  • Why taking action on a goal without releasing first is a big waste of time! (You'll make a lot of unnecessary and potentially devastating mistakes by neglecting to heed this advice. This is where so many success courses, modalities and programs go wrong.)
  • How to get answers fast to any immediate problem you are facing! (Under the gun? Need a solution like yesterday? Here's how to find the perfect answer quick and easy.)
  • The single most important thing you must do when you feel stuck, overwhelmed or just plain can't get things going your way! (It'll make even the biggest issue in your life a cinch to overcome!)
  • Why there is no such thing as a Law of Poverty... and... how to have abundance in everything flow your way! (It's a lot easier than you think when you know this secret.)
  • And much more!

Audio Session Five reveals...

  • How to allow more love into your life!
  • How to break free from the shackles of the past! (Never again feel doomed by past mistakes or missed opportunities.)
  • The best way ever discovered to get whatever you want! (In some cases, it's as easy as sitting down with a piece of paper and pen.)
  • Why you keep experiencing the same or similar types of problems! (Stop doing just this one thing and watch as persistent problems vanish for good.)
  • How to solve all your problems this fast and easy way!
  • How to discard all the past emotional baggage weighing you down! (You'll feel so relieved when you do this. Like the weight of the world is off your shoulders!)
  • A surefire way to make the right decisions! (Do this exercise any time you are unsure what course of action to take. The right answer will inevitably come to you in no time.)
  • The only true reality we have... and... why the so-called "future" does not exist! (Stephen explains this in detail so you'll never worry about the future again.)
  • The real reason we do not achieve our goals! (Fact is, it has nothing to do with not trying hard enough... not wanting it bad enough... or... anything else you've been led to believe. Here's the truth about why your goals often slip out of the palm of your hand... and... how to make sure that doesn't happen to you next time.)
  • And much, much more!

The audios contain so many more secrets I could go on and on. But I think you get the point. By the time you're finished listening to this program you will know how to let go of every limitation in your way.

You also get...

Benefit #2
The Special Release Process

Lester Levenson developed this technique initially for the use of KISS Releasing instructors. It is a way to accelerate letting go. It clears up any excess negative baggage in your subconscious mind.

The Special Release Process will catapult your success with releasing. You can use it to "clean up" on people, situations and even yourself.

You will notice a marked improvement in relationships. Especially with the "hard cases" in your life. Conflicts will resolve. You'll communicate more effectively. Any unresolved feelings you are holding onto will just melt away.

Benefit #3
The Feelings Charts

Making the KISS Releasing System work in your life comes down to a few things. One of the most important ones is understanding how you feel NOW.

Because your ability to make life better depends on moving up the emotional scale. With the feelings charts you can track your emotional state. As you release, you begin moving up the chart to better-feeling emotions. And as you move up the chart, all the good you desire will flood into your life.

This is a powerful monitoring tool to be used daily and I show you how.

Benefit #4
The Goal Achieving Notes

Achieving goals is one of the biggest benefits of using the KISS Releasing System.

Stephen held an entire session on this topic alone. The goal achieving notes are a compilation of the most important points from that session. Refer to these notes before you write a goal. Then keep referring to them to make sure you keep moving in the right direction.

In addition to the course material, you'll also receive the following bonuses...

FREE Bonus #1
Special Report: How To Let Go
Of Fear On The Spot

This report explains the exact method Lester Levenson taught me to release the feeling of fear. Once again, the process is simple and enjoyable.

The best part is it works almost instantly to dissipate the feeling of fear in any situation. Whether you fear financial, health, relationship or other problems try this out and see how things will change!

It will amaze you.

FREE Bonus #2
Special Report: Problems, A Fast New
 To Solve Them For Good

We all face problems daily. In this report, I give you a simple application of the Original KISS Releasing System. You can use it any time to let go completely of any problems you are struggling with.

You will truly enjoy the simplicity of the process.

And you get another tool to improve all areas of your life.

FREE Bonus #3
Special Audio: Winning In The World

In this presentation, the creator of KISS Releasing, Lester Levenson reveals...

  • How to take complete control of your financial situation (and every other area of your life)... even if... things seem chaotic and hopeless right now! (This will put a smile on your face!)
  • Why you must take full responsibility for the "bad" in your life... if... you want to get rid of all the problems bogging you down! (Lester explains why this is the first step to freedom from negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs imprisoning you to a life of mediocrity!)
  • How to effortlessly create any reality you desire as quickly as possible!
  • How to tell how close you are to being free from the blocks, obstacles and resistance most people endure all their lives! (It's so simple you'll never guess!)
  • The real reason you are not winning consistently... and... what to do about it now! (You will now have a sense of certainty about how to change any area in your life you don't like!)
  • The real purpose of goals! (Probably not what you think!)
  • What develops depression and resistance... and... how to let go of this insidious problem once and for all!
  • How one person achieved a six-figure income, landed a part in a Broadway play and in a major motion picture (Taxi with Robert DeNiro) and then... backtracked! (Here's why we self-sabotage ourselves... and... how to prevent this from happening to you!)
  • And much, much more!

FREE Bonus #4
The Fast Start Audio

In the Fast Start Audio you get a shortcut to using the KISS Releasing System. The audio presentation is only about 37 minutes long. But it reveals the "nuts and bolts" of how to release the negative self-imposed limitations holding you back now.

After you're finished listening to this audio, you can choose a goal (any goal you want) and begin dissolving the subconscious blocks to achieving the goal.

IMPORTANT: I want you to see the real power of this program. So I am going to give you a goal that -- if you release on it -- can help you make back your investment in the program. That's right! Use KISS Releasing (as taught in the Fast Start Audio) on this goal and you'll make back your investment in no time. It'll blow you away!

You'll have a hard time doubting the KISS Releasing System works after this.

Well, that's a complete explanation of this powerful technique and how you can learn it. I've described everything you need to know to make a decision.

You've seen the scientific proof... some of the celebrities, authors, self-improvement experts, athletes and top companies who endorse KISS Releasing... and... you've read all about how it has been used by over 70,000 people worldwide for six decades and how it can work for you.

I think now it's time for you to decide what to do next.

Actually, the answer is obvious.

You should get the "KISS Releasing System" basic course. Listen to it. Learn this amazing secret for yourself. Apply in your life and watch it transform for the better.

Here's the deal...

Other similar programs cost a small fortune. In fact, I also sell this program on another website for $349. However, for a limited time you can...

Get It For A Big Discount Of
33% OFF What Others Had To Pay!

will knock off $52 from the regular price... if... you get it today from this website. So you get the entire program... plus... all the bonus material for just... $297. (Includes phone coaching from Steve). $197 without the coaching, but I highly recommend it. It is normally $150 per hour.

(NOTE: I reserve the right to raise the price at any time for any reason.)

Let me tell you why it's a bargain at that price...

Thousands of people have used it to make giant leaps in their income. Some have even become millionaires after properly applying KISS Releasing. Of course, not everyone gets those kinds of financial rewards so quickly. Yet, one of the benefits KISS Releasing students universally report is an increase in their income. Even if that was not a primary goal.

Besides the money, think of it this way: How much is it worth to you to have a scientific and proven way to improve all areas of your life?

Whatever problem, issue or situation comes up you'll have a tool to make immediate positive changes. Often literally overnight. And once you learn the KISS Releasing system you can use it forever.

There is nothing else you have to learn.

Plus... keep in mind on the Fast Start Audio you get a goal you can use to make back every penny you invest in the program. So it could end up costing you nothing!

Like the people below, you can use this goal to...

Make Back Your Investment In The
KISS Releasing System Quickly And Easily

Some people are doing this within a few days of getting the program...

"Was Expecting To Make Only $10,000... Actually
Made Almost $30,000"

"I already achieved my goal, that was: I ALLOW MYSELF TO MAKE $25,000 (pesos) ON MARCH 2011. Interestingly enough, before buying your course, I was expecting to make only $10,000, more or less, and I actually have made almost $30,000. I didn't have a clue how I could make such a good money in a very hard month (I'm a salesman)."

-- Antonio Guízar Pérez

"5K Just Came Out Of Nowhere"

"5k just came out of no where, is that a gain? I'm expecting money the middle of next week."

-- Kent S.
Los Angeles,CA

"I Received The Money Totally Out Of The Blue"

"On 3/8/11 I listened to the Fast Start Audio and I made a goal of 'I allow myself to quickly create all the money I paid for the Sedona Method course and more.' I released on it for a couple of days and then I forgot about it. I received the money ($100) yesterday (3/12/11) totally out of the blue, which was just a few days later. I had purchased the course on a special sale for $97. How does it get any better than that? And what else is possible?"

-- Patti B.
Ventura, CA.

"Got Back Almost 10 Times
My Investment In About A Week"

"So far the results have been fantastic.

I got an unexpected $2,170 check from the doctor. Plus, I saved $696 on a vacation package after being quoted a higher price. I didn't negotiate or anything. It just sort of fell into my lap.

That means, by investing in the program... I got back almost 10 times my investment in about a week. But the best part is I'm feeling in the flow all the time and all kinds of good things are now happening almost effortlessly. Thank you."

-- John A.
Lowell, IN

"I Received 1 1/2 Times The Amount That I Paid
For The Sedona Method Course"
"I received 1 1/2 times the amount that I paid for the sedona method course from an item I had given to a coworker months before. She ended up not keeping it but sold it to her neighbour and gave me the cash which really was much more than I expected to receive in the first place and I didn't have to do anything to get it! Sweet..."
-- Barb Smith
Alberta, Canada

And to make your decision even easier, you also get...

FREE Email Support So All Your
Questions Are Answered

"KISS Releasing System" basic course is a comprehensive program. I cover all the important points so you understand and apply it with ease.

But I know, from time to time, you'll have a question or two not discussed in the program. For this reason, you'll get my personal email. You may send me two emails per week for the first five weeks you have the program.

I personally answer you.

Not a staff member or some flunky.

When you send a question, I read it and respond with my direct answer. The insights you get will help you apply KISS Releasing more fully in your life.

Super FREE Bonus:
Live Support Calls

In addition to the above, I will hold Live Support Calls from time to time.

These calls are meant for students to ask any questions. I candidly answer you and make sure you understand how to properly apply KISS Releasing. One thing that is guaranteed to make a major difference in your ability to see fast and consistent results is having access to me. It's made a world of difference for many students.

Here's what one student had to say...

"I have to say that I had some background with
Sedona Method, but I had never had contact with
a Teacher: Now that makes the big difference.

Thanks one more time!"

-- Antonio Guizar

The Support Calls are absolutely free and part of the program.

You'll gain wonderful insights in two ways: (1) Your specific questions and issues will be dealt with directly... and... (2) My response to other students will also help you along the way.



Applying the KISS Releasing System is easy once you know how. But like all other skills, it is best to learn from someone who is an expert.

The FREE Email and Support Calls components are crucial to your success. Unlike others who promote this marvelous tool, I am committed to personally helping everyone who takes the course to successfully use KISS Releasing in their lives. I learned it directly from Lester Levenson and have used it for almost 30-years.

I know firsthand the wonderful benefits of applying KISS Releasing properly. And I am here to make sure you apply it the right way from the start. You have my word on it.

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Email address

When you add it all up...

The Total Value Of This Program
Is At Least $2,947!

I did not arrive at that figure by guessing either.

The content in this program is exactly what I have taught at live seminar events. Attending a live event can run upwards of $2,000 just for the attendance fee. That doesn't even take into account hotel, airfare and meals.

The digital course itself is worth more than the listed price. After all, I sell it at a different site for $347. The bonuses are valued at $100 each minimum. So that comes out to a $600 total value. I charge $150 an hour for personal releasing assistance.

If you send me 10 emails and it takes roughly 5 minutes each to respond then you're getting the full value of about an hour of my time. Not to mention the support calls.

Which, by the way, I am happy to give.

GUARANTEE:  We will work with you until you get the process down. No matter how long it takes. Ask about this. 

After 27-years of using this technique... and teaching it to people around the world... I know it works. Anyone willing to implement it can experience fast, profound and lasting benefits. Success,

FREE Phone Coaching Included by Stephen Seretan
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